The future of Aesthetics and Wellness is here

RevengeMD is a medical wellness center offering advanced aesthetics to level up your personal life, income-earning potential, and beauty game. We offer the newest in cosmetic injectables, facial rejuvenation treatments, and overall body transformation programs to get you looking and feeling your best in as little as your first visit.

Let our Revenge Family become your biggest support team and personal cheerleaders as you slay in the workplacce, online, and in real life. Our specially trained and certified staff have been voted as some of the best leading industry experts in administering cosmetic enhancements for over 40 years combined! 

We offer the latest products and technolgy in PDO Threadlifts, Fillers, Wrinkle Relaxers, Non-surgical Weight-Loss, Natural Hormone Therapy, and other enhancements to get you on some next-level beauty routines.  

Investing in yourself and elevating your image regardless of your lifestyle can take you from average to exceptional.

You’ll always receive the highest standard of care

Our injectors are all licensed medical professionals – Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, or Physician Assistant. We ensure that the injectors performing the treatments are extensively trained, qualified, and experienced. Our team of injectors have all undergone the same rigorous aesthetic training and have over 40 years of combined medical aesthetics experience. We know that not every face is the same. Here at RevengeMD, our injectors are trained to inject every face shape and ethnicity with full facial harmony in mind. You’ll receive customized treatment every time!

Consider us family

We stand behind you and your beauty experience all the way. We make sure that our service to you is personalized and catered to your individual personal look, beauty, and image. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will guide you every step of the way in helping you achieve the look you want.

We’re industry leaders

Our founder along with every member of our team either invented the technique or has perfected it along the way through countless hours of training and hands-on experience. We are truly at the leading edge of technology, training, injecting, and delivering to you the best quality and end results from the moment you set foot in the door.

We always honor your vision

We not only make sure you look and feel your best after each treatment, but our experts work alongside you to create a custom look using your vision as the guide to the end results you want to achieve. We’ll expertly guide you into creating and fine-tuning a look that not only enhances your natural beauty, but that will give you as close to the results your aiming for as possible with your facial features and structure.

Meet our founder

Sandra Bledsoe is a world-renowned industry leader and expert in cosmetic injectables, PDO Threads, and body image transformations. She’s also a leading international trainer in a wide array of in-office procedures for facial rejuvenation, facial rebalancing, cosmetic injectables, including Botox, Xeomin, Dysport, Restylane, Juvederm, and skin resurfacing to combat signs of aging, sun damage, and scarring.

As credited by Forbes, her refined artistry in facial rebalancing has developed from understanding the complex anatomy of the face. She’s created a highly specialized proprietary cosmetic injectables technique and now trains physicians, nurses, and practitioners in the art of advanced aesthetics. Although Bledsoe no longer injects, her online certification courses thoroughly prepare medical professionals to learn the tools of the trade including products, placement techniques, and business development in the cosmetic injectables space.

Bledsoe is one of the most highly recognized trainers and lecturers on the importance of skilled technique and the synergistic effect of cosmetic injectables. She excels in aesthetic artistry by using her understanding of artistic and technical experience to individually study each client’s facial and muscle structure, resulting in beautiful facial rebalancing and rejuvenation. 

As the founder of RevengeMD, she’s created a strong culture that combines energy, youthful appearance, and technology that’s gained her a cult following based on her unrivalved skills and welcoming personality. 

In her role as a business owner, she sets the strategic priorities of the business. She also leads the company into its future growth in business, marketing, technology, products, and analytics of trending cosmetic enhancements for men and women of all ages.


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