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PDO Threads are one of the most popular and highly effective non-surgical means to lift & tighten loose, sagging skin tissues as well dissolve small areas of fat on the lower face and body. PDO (polydioxanone) is a synthetic fiber widely used in areas of medicine such as general surgery and cardiology. In aesthetics, the threads help to lift sagging skin as well as stimulate new collagen production – your own natural collagen. Another interesting effect of the threads are their ability to induce lipolysis (fat cell death) which is quite effective in treating stubborn facial and body fat areas, as well as inducing collagen and tightening the skin.

Revenge MD offers two basic types of threads. Small threads, which measure a few centimeters, that can be placed virtually anywhere The other type are called “Cogs” which are approximately 6-12cm in length and have small hooks on them that grip the skin and allow for pulling the skin against gravity. The Cogs are inserted in the skin via a blunt cannula (a technique we use when performing dermal fillers) by making a small hole with a normal needle in the skin. Both types of threads are made of PDO which is the same material used in normal surgical face lift surgery however, now we are able to perform the procedure without any incisions or general anesthesia. You’ll be awake and talking to us comfortably under local anesthetic. The PDO threads are strong, non-allergenic and fully biodegradable and will dissolve over 6 months, all while producing enough collagen and tightness to last many years.


•  Round, Sagging Face – Non Surgical Face Lift
•  Jowls (moderate to severe)
•  Nasolabial Folds (moderate to severe)
•  Marionette Lines (moderate to severe)
•  Brow / Forehead Lift for Droopy Eyebrows (any degree of drooping)
•  Increase Collagen (Under Eye Circles, Cheeks, Nasolabial Folds, Skin Furrows)
•  Improving Skin Texture (Wrinkles, Pigmentation, Pores and Laxity)

•  Neck & Cleavage Skin Furrows
•  Breast Firming & Shaping
•  Stretch Marks
•  Stubborn Fat Deposits (Arms, Belly, Love Handles, Buttocks)
•  Hands


Initially your doctor will conduct a consultation session in which photos will be taken to determine suitability for this non-surgical facelift treatment.

The area of skin will be numbed using either a topical cream or a local, injected anesthetic and the procedure takes between 30-60 minutes. The threads are inserted using a cannula or micro-needle depending on the individual’s requirements. There are no cuts or incisions required, thus minimizing any risk of scarring. An immediate lifting effect can be seen once the threads are inserted, but to see the complete effect of this non-invasive facelift, it takes approximately 6 months as the body starts to produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

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