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If you are looking for a solution to wrinkles and sagging skin, Revenge MD has an excellent solution for you! The Plasma Pen is a revolutionary anti-aging treatment that will lift your skin and reduce aging signs.


A Plasma Pen is a handheld device that emits ionized gas, or plasma, which charges the air above the treatment area. A small arc of electricity removes and diminishes skin imperfections. The heat from the minuscule arc vaporizes a tiny section of skin and creates an instant tightening effect.


There are many advantages to receiving a Plasma Pen facial treatment; the main benefits are:

  • Little to no downtime with excellent results. The healing period is commonly three to seven days.
  • Minimally-invasive. No incisions, sedatives or general anesthesias are needed.
  • No surgery required. You are awake during the treatment, making it a safe procedure that you can interact with the doctor.
  • Lifts skin. The Plasma Pen treatment will lift your appearance and reduce aging signs.
  • Tightens skin. Along with a lift, the Plasma Pen will tighten your skin for a firmer, youthful texture. This procedure is perfect for people who want to reduce skin sagging and wrinkles.

This treatment is excellent for both men and women of all ages! If you have good skin elasticity and would like impressive results fast, consider the Plasma Pen. This treatment is suitable for most skin tones, and if you want to prevent the progression of aging signs, a Plasma Pen treatment may be your perfect treatment!


On the day of the procedure, avoid exercising or doing any activities that cause you to sweat. Dehydration may cause your skin to become irritated during the treatment and may elongate your healing period. Stay hydrated and dress in clothing that can be removed easily without agitating your face.

In the weeks before your treatment, avoid antihistamines and smoking because these products can complicate the healing process.

When you arrive at your appointment, you will be in our state-of-the-art treatment room.

You will lay back and relax as one of our nurses applies a local anesthetic ointment to the area of treatment. Once this has taken effect they will use the Plasma Pen within the predetermined target area.

The complete procedure will take anywhere between thirty to ninety minutes. Once completed, you will be free to return home.

What is the recovery timeframe?

After your appointment, you may have red dots in the areas that the Plasma Pen was applied. Your symptoms will vary based on where you received treatment. If you received treatment around your eyes or other areas where the skin is thin, you might experience slight swelling.

You will want to avoid touching or itching your face. Warm water should be used to clean the area, and not alcohol-based cleansers should be applied.

Depending on where you received treatment, you may want to elevate it on a pillow and adjust your sleeping position, so no pressure is applied to it. Patients should stop all facial products, and men should not shave until the treated area has healed.

Be sure to avoid any activities that make you sweat and avoid direct sunlight. Your skin will immediately start to heal, and after four days, the small scabs should fall away. For the next three months, you should avoid sunbathing and apply a fifty SPF sunscreen to your face to ensure healthy, long-lasting results.

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