Why More Men are Investing in Cosmetic Enhancements in 2021

Relaxing at a terrace cafe on a warm desert afternoon on the Las Vegas strip, a charismatic VIP Host called Seth outlined the many of the means he’s using to enhance his presence in an already crowded gaming and casino market.

Just the previous week, he says, he returned from a 10-day soul-searching staycation in one of the nearby resorts where he hiked and meditated on what his next career moves should be in the new year. His introspection perfectly set up against the colorful Nevada desert skyscapes. This is a perfect place as any to let go of the day to day stress he faces overseeing the highly demanding casino VIPs he works for. 

After losing out on love since his girlfriend of ten years finally left him for good in the summer, Seth has been focusing most of his free time on becoming a better version of himself. He committed to making a complete lifestyle change – from the way he eats, his daily exercise regime to focusing on his overall appearance. 

With a lot of mental and physical effort and a bit of cosmetic enhancement, Seth has emerged a new, younger-looking man in as little as six months of commitment to his new self.  

So, like a growing number of male gaming and casino entertainment industry employees, Seth is finding new success in his industry now that he’s mastered the art of concealing his age. He relies on minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, regularly timed Botox injection sessions, and an individualized weight loss program to help him keep off the excess pounds he was lugging around for years. 

The changes have not only boosted his dating life but have given him an increased edge in a field that prizes youthful energy and good looks. He now gives both his employers and his colleagues a different perception of his old self. They now see him as high-energy, hard-working, and on-trend. Everyone assumes that he’s in his late 30s, yet he’s 51 years old. 

Exactly How A Man in Midlife Changed His Course

 It’s a usual sentiment among older workers in any industry, of any gender identification, that most businesses are soaking in age prejudice. Ageism has been a longstanding deterrent for many people in the workforce from seeking and going after specific jobs. It’s been a struggle in the past to keep up with a youth-obsessed culture in the workplace and in social settings.

 But it appears that Seth has found his fountain of youth. At least for as long as he’s interested in pursuing his youthful good looks and maintaining his self-care regimen. 

 “It has nothing to do with me wanting to look younger than I really am so I can find someone to date. At least not for me, it isn’t,” says Seth. “I’m more concerned about all these younger guys coming into the casino looking for work and going after the job that I’ve been doing for over 20 years of my life. What am I going to do then, when some young, good-looking hot-shot takes over my job? I can’t afford for that to happen.”

Seth’s aesthetic treatments of choice include collagen-stimulating skin renewal microneedling, Botox, bio-identical hormone therapy, and PDO thread lifts designed to subtly lift the facial features and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. PDO thread lifts offer similar results to having a mini-facelift without having to go under the knife. They’re minimally-invasive procedures that give an almost instant subtle lift to the face without the cost or recovery associated with surgery.

It’s not unusual for men like Seth to reinforce their self-image by utilizing their large incomes to change their look. They’re investing in their overall aesthetic by using therapies like Botox, injectable fillers, laser, and skin-tightening treatments like non-surgical eye and neck lifts. 

There’s an emerging trend that reveals that being younger and better-looking leads people to make more money. According to most men polled in recent studies, a small investment in cosmetic procedures is well worth the long-term increased income or revenue. 

Seth credits 100% of his continued employment to his direct investment in cosmetic enhancing procedures. As a bonus, his dating life hasn’t suffered as a result. He says he’s more confident, feels happier, and no longer feels like he sticks out (in a bad way) among his younger co-workers. 

A Youth-Obsessed Internet Culture

Although most younger people in their late 20s and early 30s don’t yet deal with the advanced aging issues that Seth has to worry about, they still struggle with staying relevant in a youth-obsessed internet culture that places an extreme emphasis on youth and beauty. 

In the past, men didn’t have to worry so much about staying relevant as they age. Society deemed the older, distinguished gentleman as something to strive for. But things have changed over the past decade or so with the advent of social media and the need to stay competitive while remaining relevant. 

What you see online now is a constant stream of adventurous, good looking young men taking over the world. At least on social media, it appears that way. Now you have individuals in their late 30s and 40s scratching their heads, wondering how they can fit into a society that considers them over the hill. Now everyone seems compelled to make the extra effort to stay relevant. Men, as much as women, and all gender identities in this age group are requesting injectables and other aesthetic procedures to refresh their looks. 

There’s now an entirely new generation of people who are not only youth-obsessed but focused on physical beauty. 

For guys like Seth, the cosmetic adjustments are partly inspired by vanity but mostly out of a necessity to stay relevant. Men who work in entertainment industries, such as Seth, count on cosmetic procedures to help them continue enjoying success in the workplace as they get older. The pressure is there for them to keep up with the younger people entering the workforce. 

Other men are motivated much less by timeless appearances to remain competitive at work but by pursuing individual optimization. They’re bordered by individuals fresh out of university who are enthusiastic, full of energy, and have youthful good looks. It becomes a personal issue of self-care and elevated self-esteem. 

Many men now consider Botox and other neurotoxin products like Xeomin and Dysport as necessary investments every three to four months to boost their marketplace relevance and income earning potentials. 

Why Cosmetic Procedures are Essential to Some Men’s Careers

There are many other aesthetic enhancing procedures available to men that were once considered unnecessary by many. Skin tightening, acne treatments, weight loss programs, and laser skin resurfacing are all available treatments to enhance ones’ overall appearance.

Simultaneously, according to the American Culture for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, aesthetic treatments for males have tripled over 20 years. In the past ten years alone, they have now come close to the number of female patients using injectables such as Botox and hyaluronic acid treatments. Men increasingly see the value in their investment in themselves as their careers take off, their incomes increase, and they maintain job retention as they get older. 

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